Monday, July 28, 2014

The Gourmet Precinct Chairman


The Way to a Man’s Vote is Through His Stomach!

by David Whitehead Jr.



     Are you a good cook or do you enjoy sharing recipes and trying new dishes?


     The one true key to winning Republican votes in our precincts and neighborhoods is the ability to build relationships, and relationships usually begin with the things we have in common – like food.


     Every Republican voter eats! (Some Democrats eat too!)


     But the two real targets for relationship building when it comes to winning our precincts is the Independent Voter, who sometimes votes Republican and sometimes votes Democrat, and the Passive Conservative Voter, who votes Republican when he remembers to vote, and doesn’t vote at all unless sufficiently motivated.


     The goal is to become an influence in the lives of both these voters so that in time they will vote Republican every time there is an election, and will eventually influence others and convince them to do the same.


     With that in mind, here are six steps to winning your way into the lives of your voters as a Gourmet Precinct Chairman:


1.) Do the work of contacting the voters in your precinct. (Remember that relationship building does not replace block walking or other ways you employ to make first contact; it simply adds to it and makes your outreach efforts far more powerful and lasting in the long run.)


2.) Integrate your precinct voter contacts into your social network. (Again, this is…so far, only part of your basic job as Precinct Chair; keep your contacts in the loop with emails and a monthly precinct newsletter. Establish a Facebook page and invite all contacts to participate on it.)


3.) Begin sharing recipes, dishes you invented, and even pictures of various dishes with your precinct friends. Put a recipe page in your newsletter. Post dishes on the Facebook page. Post pictures of your culinary creations.


4.) Individuals in your precinct who share your love for cooking will begin to respond. As they do, capitalize on their interest. Invite them over or get some of their personal recipes. Now you are beginning to form bonds. Now you are building trust with some of your voters.


5.) As interest and friendships grow, you might even begin a Culinary Club in your neighborhood; make the first page of your Republican Precinct Newsletter all about the club and recipes and dishes, so that it will draw in those who might be less attracted to politics.


6.) As with all things, once people have come to know you through your shared interest in cooking, they will begin to trust you and your political opinions more. Wouldn’t it be something if this snowballs into precinct picnics and neighborhood parties and potlucks, all while slowly building the Republican vote?


     You do not have use cooking to draw your neighbors; you can use almost any interest of yours to build rapport. Any type of sport from golf to soccer would work just as well, or if you are a bookworm you could form a book club. Anything from your work in the PTA to the charities you love can be built upon to garner personal trust and relationships that can eventually turn out many strong Republican votes from your precinct.


    Doesn’t this approach make reaching your precinct more fun?



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