Monday, July 28, 2014

9 Things They Don’t Tell You
About Block Walking!

By David Whitehead Jr.


1.) It is absolutely necessary!
          “Face to face contact increases voter participation over other methods by as much as eight to twelve percent.” (“Getting Out the Youth Vote: Results from Randomized Field Experiments” by Donald Green and Alan Gerber, Yale University, 2001)
     Had most Republican Precinct Chairmen block walked their precinct in the urban and suburban areas in the last two Presidential elections we would never have had to call Barack Hussein Obama President. The increase in voter turnout would have been enough to have beaten him both times.  
     It might not have solved our nation’s problems, but it would have kept us from being in the horrifying situation Obama’s policies have put us in, and many more of our freedoms would have remained intact.
     Block walking is absolutely necessary if we are to win our nation back in the coming elections. It cannot be stressed enough.
2.) You should never block walk alone!
     There are many good reasons to always have a block walking partner. First and foremost, it makes block walking much safer, especially for women. It also makes block walking far more pleasant if not downright fun. It makes block walking easier, since your equipment can be carried by both of you instead of just one. But perhaps the most important reason for having a partner outside of safety is that it makes you obligated to actually do the block walking. When you have an appointment with someone to block walk, you are far less apt to talk yourself out of it, or put it off till later. This way, the block walking gets done.
3.) You must be equipped in case of attack dogs! (And I do not mean Democrats!)
     In all the years I have been going door to door, I have been challenged by dogs as they sat in front of their house, have had dogs attempt to attack me when their owner opened the door to their home, and I have even been bitten by a dog. Once a dog jumped on me to lick my face and his sharp claws ripped a hole in my new dress shirt, and I have had dogs charge at me. Luckily, I always go door to door with a large metal clipboard. You know the kind I mean, the kind of clipboard that is thick and holds a lot of paraphernalia inside of it. If a dog comes at you, simply hold out the clipboard using both hands, and remain stiff armed. Then slowly back away until you are out of his territory. (Dogs are territorial, and usually they are only guarding a small area around their home.) It is also a good idea to carry a large canister of pepper spray, just in case a dog will not leave you alone. In most cities there are leash laws, and you are well within your rights to protect yourself if the dog is not on a leash.
4.) Block walking can sometimes be disappointing!
     You must be ready for this. Do not expect more from block walking than what it actually delivers. Not everyone will be home. Some people will be home and will not open the door. When they do open the door, not everyone will be happy to see you. Even when you are only knocking on Republican doors, sometimes they are in the middle of something, or they simply are not interested in talking at that time.
     This is not rejection. It is not rejection of you or of the Republican Party. Many people have a personal policy that they do not open the door for strangers. Others simply do not like to be disturbed at home. You cannot and must not take this personally and allow it to discourage you from going door to door. The numbers WILL play out eventually, and you will find your efforts really do make a huge difference.
5.) Block walking is thirsty work!
     Bring a bottle of water with you, and several more in your car. If it’s a hot day, perhaps you should bring some Gatorade as well.
6.) Block walking can be tiring!
     Take breaks. Make use of the corner bus stop benches to catch your breath. Sit in your car with the air conditioning on for a few minutes. Also, remember that you don’t have to reach your entire neighborhood in one day. Break up your block walking schedule into several manageable evenings!
7.) Never walk and write at the same time!
     I twisted my ankle while going door to door once. My wife fell and injured her knee severely while putting out flyers door to door. A friend fell and skinned himself up pretty badly. Guess what we were all doing at the time! We were all writing on our clipboards, filling in details and information from our last contact, instead of watching where we were going. This might sound really basic, but it happens all the time. Do not walk while you are writing; keep your eyes on the sidewalk.
8.) Block walking can…get things moving!
     Okay, I know this one sounds a little crass, but it’s a very practical thing to consider. If you are not used to block walking and do not get much exercise, you might find that ten minutes into the block walk, you have to run to the nearest gas station. This can be a much more unpleasant situation if you have joined a big block walking event, and were dropped off on a street far away from any facilities, and have no vehicle of your own close by. Make sure to visit the restroom before block walking.
9.) Block walking is only the beginning of reaching your neighborhood!
     As important as block walking is, it’s only the beginning of reaching your neighborhood. From there you must use your block walking contacts to build a neighborhood network, and from there you must build relationships with your voters. Over time, every person in your precinct should come to know who you are, and you should know everything you can about each of them. Once you know their voting habits, their political hot buttons, and how to stay in contact with them, your block walking will have paid off in a huge way!


Next month:  “7 Smart Things to do AFTER you block walked!”

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