Monday, July 28, 2014

Caffeine for Conservatives #015

5 Ways to Win the Hispanic American Vote

By David Whitehead Jr.


     According to the U.S. Census Bureau the Hispanic American demographic is growing so fast, it will make up a third of the population by 2050. According to the Pew Research Center, 11.4 million Hispanic Americans voted in the 2012 Presidential Election, but only 27 percent of them voted Republican, and there are three times as many Registered Hispanic American Democrats than there are those who registered as Republicans. 


     This presents an ever increasing shift in the voting landscape, and Republicans can only ignore this shift at their peril.


     It might be up to Hispanics to assimilate into American Culture, but it is up to us to assimilate them into the Republican Party. We must find courage within ourselves and do as the Marines do – improvise, adapt, and overcome.


     Here are five things we can do on a grassroots, precinct, and county level to win the hearts and votes of Hispanic Americans:


1.) Recognize and capitalize on Hispanic commonalities with Republicans:

·      Center up on our shared Family Values

·      Capitalize on their distaste for Political Correctness

·      Make the most of our shared Work Ethic


2.) Recognize and overcome natural Hispanic commonalities with Democrats:

·      In Mexican Culture concepts are more relative

·      Mexican Culture is a culture of masks and anonymity

·      Hispanics tend to be more emotive in their thinking


3.) Be aware, understanding and tolerant of those cultural differences that can cause personal discomfort or friction when dealing with and communicating with Hispanic Americans:

·      Hispanic’s personal space tends to be smaller and more intrusive

·      Might have to adapt to their broader sense of time and punctuality

·      Recognize the huge influence of Catholicism on their culture

·      Be aware that in Mexican Culture especially, to be blunt can be considered rude behavior, and that direct answers to direct questions can be rare

·      Understand that in Hispanic Culture, intangible or abstract boundaries, from time lines to geographical borders, are not generally recognized or honored

·      Understand that Hispanic Americans, especially those of Mexican descent, tend to expect a courtship of sorts from political parties and their representatives


4.) Expose Hispanic Americans to Republican issues and values:

·      Cultivate a presence at Hispanic cultural festivals

·      Sponsor Hispanic cultural festivals

·      Volunteer at Hispanic charities and charitable events

·      Let Hispanic Americans see you buying and using their Hispanic products


5.) Engage Hispanic Americans once you have their attention:


·      Host Republican Hispanic events

·      Engage in Hispanic pop culture

·      Engage in Hispanic media such as Hispanic newspapers and magazines (see what they are doing and find what is important to them locally and what their opinions are)

·      Watch Univision and Telemundo for ideas and ways to connect

·      Engage Hispanic Americans in Social Media; Hispanic teens reportedly have a much bigger presence on MySpace than Facebook, and you can make contact on such sites as: MiGente – an English speaking social network for Hispanics, – a bilingual social site, – a bilingual social site, – a bilingual social site, and – another bilingual social site

·      Recognize that when delivering messages on the internet the open and response rate is far, far higher when delivered in the preferred language of the recipient, therefore all opt in and search options should be retooled to include “country of origin” and “language preference” factors


…and would it really hurt you to learn a few Spanish words? Remember, this is about Republicans winning elections. 


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